Your roof is an integral and vital part of your property. It needs to be – without it, your home wouldn’t be able to keep out the worst of the great British weather. And since we never know when the next downpour, storm, or high wind is coming, it’s essential to have trust in the roof over our heads.

It’s good to know you can trust a good builder, too – one with extensive experience in the roofing industry – in case you should ever need to call on them. You can call on us on 07506 058064 if the need ever arises, to handle all your roofing emergencies and requirements.

Looking at a new tiled roof?

Tiles can last for years, but even if your roof looks fine on the outside, it’s impossible to tell what’s happening underneath. Even the smallest of gaps between tiles can be enough to affect their ability to keep out the elements. You may think nothing is wrong… until you find water stains on your ceiling one day, or worse, water dripping or pouring in, instead.

If you do experience anything like this, or you know your property has an old roof, do get an experienced builder or roofer to check its condition. If water is getting in underneath the tiles, it can rot the battens, and since these are holding the tiles on the roof, it can make the resulting area of roof very dangerous indeed.

Call now on 07506 058064 if you have any concerns about your roof, or you’ve decided to invest in a new one. We’ll visit your property to assess the roof and provide a detailed quote for the work. There’s no obligation to go ahead, and we’ll never hassle you, either. You’re in the driving seat here, and we’re happy to provide any advice you need to help you make your decision.

Do you have flat roof woes?

A flat roof can cause all kinds of problems once the roofing material starts to degrade. While a flat roof should have a slight angle to it, to allow rainwater to drip off, it can still hold a small amount of water, more than a tiled roof would thanks to its steeper angle.

Over time, a flat roof can develop worn patches that cause the roofing material to fail. This can let water into the roof structure beneath. You may not even be aware of this for a while, especially if there are no heavy downpours to generate enough water to leak through the ceiling indoors. But eventually, you’ll realise your flat roof has failed, thanks to the water dripping inside your home and the chance of the ceiling coming down with the weight of the water sitting on top of it.

If this is the position you’re currently in, don’t worry. With over 10 years’ experience in the roofing and building industry, we’re ideally placed to solve your problems. We can install a new felt roof or a single-ply membrane roof that will last for years. We’ll assess your roof and we can provide a quote for each option, if you wish. We’ll also check the condition of your roof beams. We don’t believe in installing a new roof over failing roof beams when it will only cause more problems and costs for you later down the line.

Most beams are fine, but if your roof has been leaking for some time, one or two beams may have been damaged and may require replacing. If so, we’ll let you know and we’ll include these in the quote.

Call now on 07506 058064 and let us know where you are and what you need. We’ll be only too happy to pop round to assess the job and provide a no-obligation quote you can trust.

Fixing loose or failed flashing, and replacing lost tiles

Of course, a roof that has leaked doesn’t always need replacing. Some unscrupulous companies may tell you it does, but our roofing experts will gain access to your roof to take a proper look.

Sometimes, we find an area of flashing has failed through age, or has come away from the wall. This may allow water to leak down into the roof structure between the roof and the adjoining wall, if the roof concerned butts up to one.

On other occasions, a tile or two lost during a storm may not be too concerning, but it allows water to get into that part of the roof. The sooner the tiles are replaced, the sooner the roof will be back to its best again.

So, if you’ve spotted a problem with your roof, or you’ve got a leak and you’re unsure where it’s coming from, call our team on 07506 058064 now. We’ll attend your property and take a closer look, and we can find out what the issue is and suggest the best way to tackle it. The solution could be easier to achieve than you think. Even if a new roof is the only answer, we’ll provide a competitive quote that compares very well to others you might receive for the same job.

Take advantage of our roofing experience today

If you live in a single-storey bungalow, you will find it easier to keep an eye on your roof than if you lived in a house. But whatever property you live in, roofing problems should be resolved as quickly as possible to ensure a small issue doesn’t soon become a much larger one.

We’ll make sure that’s not the case by identifying the issue and providing quotes for roof repair or replacement work. You’re then free to take the time to consider our offer and to get quotes from elsewhere, too. But remember, we’re always here to help, and emergency roof leaks will take priority, too. Make the most of our expertise and friendly service today, and get your roof looking and performing at its best again. And if you can resolve the issue before you get water leaking into your property, so much the better.

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